Forest of Evil, by Asher, age 11

The cocky, carefree Archer and the brave, young Knight,

Are on a mission from the king to go in and fight

The druid who lives in the deep, dark wood.

The knight is here to fight for good.

The archer’s just here to impress the girls,

As he enters the woods, he tosses his curls.

Suddenly blood thirsty spiders of giant size

Jump out hairy and deadly before their eyes.

The sword of the knight cuts a spider out of the air.

The Archer shoots a deadly shaft, not one spider will they spare.

Spider after spider after spider they fight.

The gruesome, drawn out battle lasts almost all night.

The knight cuts off the last spider’s head,

The spiders, all lifeless in a deep pool of red.

The men trudge on till they come to the druid’s dark throne.

There he sits, but he’s not alone.

Surrounding him are five werewolves with teeth and claws,

With eyes of red and powerful jaws.

The sun over the horizon begins to rise,

The werewolves all look up in surprise.

The monsters turn from werewolves evil and crude.

To skinny men that are weak and nude.

As the druid starts in surprise,

The archer shoots him between the eyes.

And with that the battle is won

Half by the archer and half by the sun.


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